The warmest January in Epping records!

January was the first full month of recording for the new Epping Weather Station, so it was interesting to see how data would compare with the historical information for 1979-2013. And we began with a record breaking month!

It proved to be a very mild, breezy month. The average temperatures, both day maxima and day minima, were well above the long term average. The average day maximum was 9.5°C, which beats the previous record high of 9.4°C set in January 2007. The highest day maximum was 14°C on 9th, equalling the warmest ever January day, recorded in both 1998 and 1999; and the lowest at 5°C on 1st was only a degree below the long term average. The lowest day minimum was -2°C on 21st; there were just three nights of frost with the temperature at or below zero. These frosts doubtless kept us from setting a new warmest average minimum: we equalled the second warmest previously recorded in 1990.

There was one named storm in the period, Storm Brendan, and it is no surprise that the highest wind gust at 34.2mph (force 7) on both 14th and 15th, and the highest rainfall of 9.0mm on 15th, were thanks to Brendan.

Photo: Bolt Cellar Lane, January 2020 (Roger Emmens)

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