February Fill-dyke

February Fill-dyke

February lived up to its name, being the wettest February on record nationally, and a very windy month; but also very mild.

Wind and rain were the standout features of February’s weather. Not only did we experience one low pressure system after another, but there were three named storms: Ciara on 8th/9th, Dennis 15th/16th, and part of Storm Jorge starting on 28th and continuing into March.

It was the third wettest in Epping records (1979-2013), and many local rivers overflowed their banks, with a number of roads in the area also awash from overflowing ditches.

The winds were almost unrelenting. The average daily maximum wind speed across the month was 26.5mph (Force 6 on the Beaufort scale), and there were only three days when peak wind speed did not rise above 15mph (Force 4). Twice we experienced Gale Force 8 (Storms Ciara and Dennis), with the maximum gust of the month at 44.1mph on the 9th thanks to Ciara.

At least it wasn’t cold. In fact with an average daily maximum of 10.3°C it was the fourth warmest, and the average nightly minimum at 3.9°C it was the second warmest. It was also only the second year on record with no mimima below 0°C.

Photo: Downed tree in Gernon Bushes, February 2020 (Roger Emmens)

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