This month to date

This month to date

Photo: Punch and Judy show at the May Fayre, Swaines Green  

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Below are the weather conditions recorded so far this month.

This covers the month up to and including yesterday; for today’s readings since midnight see our Today’s weather page.

Hover on graph lines to see the actual reading values.


These are the maximum and minimum temperatures recorded each day.


This shows the daily rainfall accumulations. Total rainfall this month to date is 10.6 mm.

Barometric pressure

Shows the average daily barometric pressure in hectoPascals (hPa) – 1 hPa is equal to 1 millibar (mb). The average air pressure is 1013.25 hPa, so values lower than this normally represent low pressure, and higher values represent high pressure.

Wind direction and strength

Shown below are the main directions each day from which the wind is blowing, and the average wind speed and maximum gust.

0°/360° is North, 90° is East, 180° is South, and 270° is West.


This shows the average relative humidity each day. Relative humidity represents the amount of water vapour in the air – when 100% is reached, the water vapour starts to condense out as fog or cloud. Cool air can carry less water vapour than warm air, so as warm moist air cools, the relative humidity rises, and if it reaches 100%, fog or cloud will start to form.