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Photo: View of the High Street from St John's Church tower  

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We regret that weather data from 14:19 on Sunday 16th August until 14:43 on Wednesday 19th August could not be recorded due to flooding damaging the power supply during Sunday's thunderstorms. This unfortunately means we cannot know just how much rain fell during Sunday's storm nor those on Monday and Tuesday.

Current weather details on 18 September 2020 at 8:42 am

Barometric pressure: 1024.9 hPa stable

Current temperature: 12.8 °C

Maximum temperature: 12.8 °C at 8:39 am

Minimum temperature: 9.9 °C at 6:24 am

Today's rain: 0.0 mm

Relative humidity: 83 %  stable

Wind: E-SE 3.0 mph

Maximum gust: E-SE 8.0 mph at 8:29 am

Wind chill: 12.9 °C

UV Index: 0.7

Heat index: 26

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