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Today's weather in Epping

Photo: View of the High Street from St John's Church tower  

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Current weather details on 5 December 2023 at 9:08 am


Current temperature: 4.2 °C

Maximum temperature: 4.8 °C at 12:15 am

Minimum temperature: 4.2 °C at 8:44 am

Barometric pressure

Current: 1005.6 hPa stable


Today's rain to date: 1.2 mm

Relative humidity

Current humidity: 95 %  stable


Current wind: N 1.0 mph

Maximum gust: N 5.0 mph at 12:50 am

Wind chill: 3.8 °C


Current irradiance: 11

(The Met Office considers irradiance in excess of 120 W/m2 as 'full sunshine'.)

Current UV Index: 0.0