Weather Recording in Epping

Weather recording in Epping

From 1979 to 2013, there was a weather station in Epping, located in Woodberry Down on the northern edge of the town. This station was established and operated by George Booth FRMS, initially using classical instruments housed in a Stevenson Screen, and latterly by means of a Davis Automatic Weather Station. Records were published daily to a dedicated website at

Sadly the station closed down when George moved to Scotland, but detailed records can still be found on the above website.

Now we have a weather station in Epping again, one which has been donated to the Town Council and operates at the Council’s Depot at Stonards Hill. This station is a fully automated Davis Vantage Pro 2, supplied by Prodata Systems. Current readings are uploaded to the Davis WeatherLink network here, and to the Met Office’s Weather Observations Website (WOW) network here.

The station measures air pressure, temperature, rainfall, wind speed and direction, humidity, dewpoint and solar radiation (which gives a measure of sunlight intensity). This information is uploaded to Weatherlink every 5 minutes, and to WOW every 10 minutes.

The readings are also sent to this website and are stored and processed for display both as current and summary historical data.

If you would like further information on the current weather station, then please contact us.

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