Last seven days

Last seven days

 Photo: Epping Ongar Railway steam train at North Weald 

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Below are the weather conditions recorded over the past seven days.

Hover on graph lines to see the actual reading values.


These are the maximum and minimum temperatures recorded each day.


This shows the daily rainfall accumulations.


This shows the average relative humidity each day. Relative humidity represents the amount of water vapour in the air - when 100% is reached, the water vapour starts to condense out as fog. Cool air can carry less water vapour than warm air.

Barometric pressure

Shows the average daily barometric pressure in hectoPascals (hPa) - 1 hPa is equal to 1 millibar (mb).  The average air pressure is 1013.25 hPa, so values lower than this normally represent low pressure, and higher values represent high pressure. 

Wind direction and strength

The wind rose represents the directions from which the wind has been blowing. The length of each segment represents the duration of wind of that direction/strength..
Wind Strength

UV Index

The UV index is a calculated value which indicates the amount of UV exposure in direct sunlight. The values represent exposure as follows:
1-2 Low
3-5 Moderate
6-7 High
8-10 Very high - does not exceed 8 in the UK, and 8 is rare.

Heat Index

The Heat Index indicates a ‘feels-like temperature' calculated by combining the temperature and relative humidity. This graph is based on the maximum daily heat index values. A heat index value of 70 is approximately equal to a feels-like temperature of 21°C, 80 is 27°C, 90 is 32°C, and 100 is 38°C.

Wind chill

Shows the wind chill values calculated from actual temperature and wind speed - the "feels like" temperature. This graph is based on the lowest values each day.