The warm and dry theme continues – a review of June 2022

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View south from Gernon Bushes on a typically sunny June day

The warm and dry theme continues

A review of the weather for June 2022

For the fourth month in a row, June was warmer and drier than our long term average (based on our 38 years of records). This June we had 31.2mm of rain – our average is 56.5mm – which fell on eight days, with our wettest day of 9.2mm coming on 5th. That means we’ve recorded just eight drier Junes, and only four Junes have had fewer days of rain. The period March to June has had just 58% of the average rainfall.

Whilst we’ve had no prolonged heatwaves, we did record our hottest ever June day – 33.5°C on 17th, beating the 33.4°C recorded in June 2005. There were only two days where the temperature peaked over 30°C, however – indeed, only four days over 25°C – but with a mean temperature across the month of 16.6°C (our long term average is 15.2°C) it meant this June was our 4th warmest, and the average day maximum of 22.6°C was our second warmest on record.

The main reason was that the country was often sandwiched between high pressure over the continent (which has experienced record heatwaves) and low pressure over Ireland, giving us warm winds and variable cloud but with the bulk of showers occurring further west. At a time of year when daylight hours exceed 16, our sunniest day (using Met Office definitions of sunshine calculated from our solar irradiance measures) was 13.0 hours, with an average over the month of 11.4 hours. Meanwhile the barometer recorded a maximum for the month of 1025.0mb, the third lowest maximum of our 14 years of such records. And it was not an especially breezy month, with a maximum gust of 23mph (Force 5) and an overall average for the month of 2.5mph.

Will July finally buck this trend and deliver wet weather, or will the drought continue? We can only wait and see!

MeasureUnitMinimumAverageMaximumAverage minAverage maxTotal
Relative humidity%297196
Wind source (most common/highest gust)SectorNESSE
Wind speedmph2.52315.6
Rain daily accumulationmm1.09.231.2
Barometric pressurehPa1002.51015.11025
Solar irradiance during daylightW/m²3121211912
Sunshine (sunny if irradiance > 120 W/m2)Hours11.413.0342.5

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