A mild but otherwise average November

Photo: Toadstools and moss on logs in Wintry Wood (Roger Emmens)

Weather review of November 2020

A mild but otherwise average November

It turned out to be a fairly ordinary November, mostly around average for the time of year. The generally warmer than average trend of the year as a whole continued, however, with the third warmest average daily maximum temperature over the 36 years of records, the third warmest mean temperature, and the 6th warmest average daily minimum. Top temperature of the month was 16.7°C on the 1st, our sixth warmest maximum, and the lowest of the month was 0.2°C on the 27th. This was the twelfth time out of our 36 years that November temperatures did not fall to freezing or below, so the month passed with a couple of grass frosts but no air frost.

Graph of maximum and minimum temperatures for November 2020

Rainfall at 60.8mm was almost spot on the long term average for November, and the highest recorded wind gust was 25mph on the 2nd, or force 6 on the Beaufort scale, fairly modest for November. No major storms this month!

Graph showing daily rainfall for November 2020

Past barometric pressure records are less comprehensive: we have daily readings taken at 0900 each morning for the period 2003-2013. Now we record air pressure every five minutes and so know the maximum and minimum values reached each day. On that basis, the maximum of 1041.2mb on 5th is the highest recorded to date for November, and the average pressure for the month was the second highest recorded.

MeasureUnitMinimumAverageMaximumAverage minAverage maxTotal
Absolute humidityg/kg3.76.611.2
Relative humidity%659099
Wind source°4213359
Wind direction°0160359
Wind strengthmph03250.610.7
Rain daily accumulationmm0.02.016.660.8
Barometric pressurehPa993.81020.51041.2
Solar irradianceW/m²034457
UV index0.00.11.4
Cloud base altitudem25194800
Dew point°C-0.57.415.3
Heat index163164
Wind chill°C-0.3817.4

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