April Showers dry up again – a review of April 2022

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Maypole dancing at the May Fayre, in glorious late April sunshine

April Showers dry up again

A review of the weather of April 2022

April started off cool, with three nights of frost down to -1.8°C, which broke down into stormy weather as a fairly active depression came through. This resulted in our windiest April day of our 14 years of detailed wind records, with a gust on 7th of 42.0mph (gale force 8), just 2mph less than the maximum gust of Storm Eunice some six weeks earlier, though with less devastating effect. This storm also brought our only significant period of rainfall, with a peak of 8.0mm on 6th.

After that, though, things settled down and the rest of April was quiet and dry. In fact, overall we had only a third of our average April rainfall – just 17.8mm – and only 6 days of rain over the month. Not surprisingly therefore it was a sunny month overall, with our warmest day on 15th hitting 21.7°C. It was a warmer month than average – the mean temperature for the month as a whole was 9.7°C, above the long term average of 9.1°C but not exceptionally so.

Last year our driest ever April was followed by our fourth wettest ever May! So will this drier than average April result in another May deluge? We shall see!

MeasureUnitMinimumAverageMaximumAverage minAverage maxTotal
Relative humidity%387394
Wind source (most common/highest gust)SectorNNW
Wind speedmph3.24217.6
Rain daily accumulationmm0.68.017.8
Barometric pressurehPa982.21015.11031.9
Solar irradiance during daylightW/m²253981699
Sunshine (sunny if irradiance > 120 W/m2)Hours9.811.5294.5

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